Application & self-disinfecting Effect

  • By forming an ultra-thin layer of glass, LIQUID GUARD® protects, among other things, against micro-scratches. Under mechanical abrasion, the protective layer is abraded before the substrate is damaged.A unique GLIDE function, ensures that any abrasive contact materials glide over the treated surface and leave fewer traces.

  • The surface is first cleaned and polymerized (step 1).

  • Subsequently, the modified silica delivers a safe and permanent antimicrobial function (Step 2).

  • A non-migrating antimicrobial glass layer is created. For certification and use in food contact sectors, national or local law must be observed.

  • LIQUID GUARD® is suitable for all water-resistant surfaces*.

  • To meet the highest demands of test standards in the supply chain, color coding confirms the antimicrobial agents level of performance.

* Do not use if safe application is in doubt.

  • LIQUID GUARD® creates an invisible physical barrier to destroy microbes

  • Protected surfaces act as a layer of swords to defend against microbial growth

  • The positively charged atom of nitrogen attracts negatively charged cell membranes and punctures all microbes

  • This physical kill terminates the life of the microbe

  • This effect has been shown to be non-mutagenic in opposite to other active substance like Triclosan


Trafficable according to the Biocides Directive (BPR); (EU) Nr.528/2012

Registrations (Germany) Liquid Guard N-77607; Liquid Guard Wipe N-77608 for PT 2 and PT 9

Article 95 , Annex II compliant

Active substance dossier submitted in time. Assessment expected to be expected: 2022.


„Sanitizers should be used with care. Always read label instructions or product information before use.“

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